The Magic Lantern on television


Since 2008, The Magic Lantern in collaboration with the RadioTelevision Suisse (RTS) has produced a television program for children. Thanks to its success and an ever-increasing audience, The Magic Lantern has become a trusted partner for the RTS.

In January 2013, the weekly program «Pop-Corn» was succeeded by an entirely new weekly program entitled «Mission-Ciné». Seen each week on RTS 2, this entirely remodelled, complete and ambitious cinema journal in the form of suspense thriller investigation, arouses curiosity and allows the seventh art to be presented in all of its facets.

Why do films always have a happy end? Why did Chaplin get rid of the tramp character in 1931? What are camera movements for? Why do we see more heroes than heroines in films? To answer all of these questions, the director of the «Mission-Ciné Agency», Mère-Grand (Granny), alternately requires her secret agents Khany, Fred and Sandra to resolve the cinema related enigmas.

Broaching cinema-specific subjects in this format makes «Mission-Ciné» a unique, fun and educational way to learn about the cinema. With this program, The Magic Lantern contributes to the public service mission of the RTS and it’s mandate in visual media literacy for young audiences.

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